Christine Bessenrodt    Restricted Kronecker products for the symmetric groups  
Serge Bouc  Representations of finite sets  
Charles Eaton  Donovan's conjecture   (slides)
Karin Erdmann  Beyond tame blocks   (slides)
Paul Fong  The Alperin weight conjecture for Sn and GL(n,q) revisited  
Eugenio Giannelli  Signed Young permutation modules of the symmetric group  
László Héthelyi  On p-stability in fusion systems  
Radha Kessar  On anchors of irreducible characters  
Shigeo Koshitani  Endo-trivial modules in the dihedral Sylow 2-subgroups case  
Markus Linckelmann  On cohomological Mackey functors  
Gunter Malle  On blocks containing one simple module  
John Murray  Symmetric and symplectic bilinear forms on simple and projective indecomposable modules   (slides)
Gabriel Navarro  Real finite groups  
Geoffrey Robinson  A conjectural upper bound for the number of simple modules in a block   (slides)
Benjamin Sambale  Cartan matrices and Brauer's k(B)-conjecture   (slides)
Leonard Scott  Using algebraic groups to go `beyond'  
Bhama Srinivasan  Blocks of GL(n,q), old and new  
Jacques Thévenaz  It's a long way to the land of endo-trivial modules   (slides)
Tomoyuki Wada  Number of irreducible Brauer characters of height 0 in 2-blocks of finite groups  
Wolfgang Willems  Indecomposable quasi-projective characters in a block   (slides)